Software For Mortgage Brokers Made By A Mortgage Broker

Broker Pipeline is a fully customizable CRM and task management software for mortgage brokers. It was created by a working mortgage broker who understood that every brokerage has its own needs and processes. That's why it was developed with the philosophy that every user should be able to adjust the software to fit into their business. Instead of trying to fit their business into the software.
As a company Broker Pipeline is dedicated to being a valuable resource to the mortgage industry. It is our mission to help brokers across Australia close more loans and work less hours.

Broker pipeline was started by Brad East, an Australian mortgage broker. Early in his career as a broker Brad realized that he was spending up to 4 hours a day on administrative tasks. Time that he knew would be better spent on taking care of his clients and bringing in new business.

Brad started looking into tools that would allow him to automate parts of his business and free up more time in his day. But each tool he tried had the same problem. They all tried to be a “one size fits all” solution. None of them were exactly what he wanted, and none of them seemed like the perfect fit for his business.

Finally Brad decided to build his own. He partnered with an existing solution, and spent over 2 years modifying it to fit his business. By the time he was done he created a tool that allowed him to scale his business form $1M in loans a month to $4M in loans a month.

Even better, he had made the tool completely customizable. Which meant that every broker could change and use it as they needed. Realizing how helpful the software could be to the industry, Brad founded Broker Pipeline.

Most mortgage brokers deal with the same challenges.

They work insanely long hours trying to balance administration, bringing in new business, and taking care of their existing clients.

Because of the amount of work far too many brokerages let things slip. They don’t follow up with leads quickly or often enough, or they forget tedious but important tasks that can sink an entire loan.

In the end sales get lost and loans get disapproved all because the brokers are overwhelmed by their workload.

Broker pipeline aims to change that. With our Task Management and CRM capabilities we help brokers automate their repetitive tasks, and stay on top of their sales and marketing. All so they can bring more revenue while working less hours than ever before.